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New Beginnings

This picture was taken during our homestay party. As we leave Patan behind we take with us the feeling of belonging, belonging to a family in an unfamiliar world. Homestays are not only about eating the same food as your family, doing laundry when they do or exchanging a couple words in Nepali-English. They are about being called “sister”, 5:30 am morning walks to temples, watching the shimmering lights of Durbar square at night, playing Nepali card games (with money), watching Bollywood movies and Nepali soap operas, having your family laugh at you at your attempt to communicate in Nepali, meeting uncles, grandparents, cousins, making momos, flying kites, learning Nepali dances no matter how unskilled you are, Saturday family day, exchanging favorite songs, movies, and cultural experiences. Homestays are about creating a community, a feeling of home halfway across the world from where we left just a month ago.