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The trail gives us the rare gift of slowing down. You don’t get to camp in a predictable 4 hours, it depends on every step and natures whim. Every corner, step and bend is carefully seen from every angle. You get to enjoy all the beauty the environment has to offer. The pace is only determined by you and this allows the trail to feel as long or as short as you like. Carrying your gear gives you the freedom to travel wherever you like.
We have evolved to demand convenience and hustle instead of soaking in the present moment and enjoying what you have. Whenever I am in nature, I feel so calm and any rising stress gets quickly washed away with the rapid rivers. There is no way to escape it and more importantly, there is no need to.
Like everything, there are struggles and challenges but they are dramatically outweighed by the beauty and static nature of the outdoors. Yes we get tired, yes we get blisters and yes scrapes and bruises happen, but these physical ailments are far better than any mental injury or scar. Cuts heal, bruises stop and tired eyes rest. Decompressing from a fast paced highly stimulating life, allows one to see what is really important and enjoy every small thing. Every meal is like a feast, every break is refreshing and every time we enter sleep, our minds are at peace.
Trekking is not for the faint of heart unless you are willing to challenge yourself and adapt to a rugged journey filled with unexpected surprises. You get injured, bad sleep or rained on for 10 hours. All of this allows you to love the sunny, calm and well rested days on the trail. If you don’t go to the darkest places, the bright lands will mean nothing. Enjoy the process and take it all in because home awaits.

Also: There is no such thing as Yak milk, Yaks are the males. It’s all Nyak milk.