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Off to trek….

Namaste from Nepal!

We are so thrilled to embark on this trek together. We just finished an informative and restful day at the Dragons Guesthouse in Boudha, Kathmandu. We got to know each other better, set goals and intentions for the upcoming weeks to come and stood in awe watching as the sun coloured the mountains a thousand different colours.

We leave for our trek this morning! Our trek is seventeen days and we will hopefully reaching out the altitude of about 5000 meters! This trek we do is called Rolwaling trek and we will walk from village to village and sleep in tents at night. We will take a bus from Boudha to our trail head just outside a village named Bahrabise. From there we will hike through the beautiful villages of Gauri Shankar conservation area.

This route doesn’t have any much cell service, so once again you won’t be hearing from us on here for a while, but we will be thinking of you all and wishing we could share the experience with you.

Our group will send updates when we can, but we’ll be sure to post photos and reflections when we return!

We hope you are all well and we are sending you all love.