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Patan Weeks 2 – 2.5

The time we have in our urban homestays in Patan goes by so quickly! We spend a lot of time as a group in this lovely little room in our beautiful little Program House. Students and instructors meet here every morning to eat breakfast together, check-in and see how each of us is doing, learn some Nepali, listen to a guest speaker or just have some fun!

As you can see from a couple of posts on the yak board, students are well into their Independent Study Projects and have been learning a lot. Soon we will have an opportunity for each student to share what they have learned from the rest of the group. It’s truly remarkable what you can learn in just a short 3 weeks!

One of the many highlights of our time here in Patan was meeting with a young, local politician. Ranju Darshana is a political activist, but also ran for Mayor of Kathmandu in 2017 when she was just 21! She spoke to us about her thoughts on the current Nepal government, what she sees for the future of Nepal and what role she can play in that. It was so inspiring to hear from her!

Our group was also able to make a trip to Pashupatinath, a very sacred Hindu temple. Lucky for us we had the company of our lovely friend Ramesh, who was able to talk us through Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra and … life!

Later in the week the instructors challenged the students to meet them at Boudhanath, a very large and special stupa in Nepal. While it was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake, massive efforts were made to renovate it and it reopened in 2016. It is truly a special space and we are glad we were able to visit.

As our time in Patan comes to a close we are excited to be heading out on different adventures, but are so thankful for the time we have spent in the Kathmandu valley, getting to know its dusty alleys and spectacular sunsets.