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Photo by Caleb Brooks

Preposterous Poems

During our orientation, BYI has seen some pretty amazing things to say the least. But we’ve also come into contact with the intense, challenging, and shocking realities of India and the world at large. When faced with these  concepts, it can sometimes be helpful to tap into the light hearted or even silly to a maintain healthy balance. Below are three examples of the silliness that I have found helpful.

Chai on my shoe:

There’s chai on my shoe

It’s on my pants too

And it’s also on you

But it’s better than poo

That’s gotta be true

But what can we do

With the chai and the shoe?

Maybe wash in the loo?

And at least it’s not goo

From the nearby cow zoo

But it is still chai on my shoe


Majkhali (sung as a country song):


A starry dustin’ up above;

Knittin’ scarves of joy with my love;

Basket weavin’ in the rain

The tree leaves just don’t blow the same


Bitten by a kitten:

It seems I’ve been bitten,

By a very small kitten,

While doing my knittin’.

I should have brought mittens!

To the doctor I’ve written:

In our schedule we’ll fit in

A train to Delhi, we’ll sit in.

So no rabies I’ll be gettin’!




I hope you all have enjoyed reading my ridiculous poems as much as I have enjoyed writing them.