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Proposed Itinerary!

Dear Friends,

Here we have our proposed itinerary with details and a general description of some of the places and things we’ll experience during our time in Guatemala! Please keep in mind that flexibility is a concept that you may need to engage with when traveling in a place like Guatemala. The pure flow of life in this beautiful country can sometimes change your plans or present you with opportunities that can spice up your day.   

We have also included the Maya name for each day and the energy that rules this day.  We will give an introduction to the Maya Calendar at which time you will better understand the meaning of these words. We wanted to share this with you because, in Maya Cosmo Vision, every day has a meaning and a purpose or inspiration, and they are all interconnected. 

October 27th

Nahual: IMOX. Water, flow, cascade, madness, healing, cleansing, pouring, letting go.

We will focus on arriving in Guatemala, let the day flow, and marking the fact that we are all together. 

We will all convene at 3 PM on Sunday the 27th in Antigua Guatemala, at Hotel el Meson del Valle on 5th South #11c (about 2 blocks south from the main square). We’ll do a group check-in and give everybody time to take care of personal needs. Then we will strap on our daypacks and go out for the remainder of the afternoon, returning to our hotel after dinner. We will visit the ruins of Convento Santa Clara and find a space for our group to engage in Orientation activities.  In the early evening, we will walk to dinner at a local restaurant, after which we will walk back to Mesón del Valle to close the day.

October 28th

Nahual: Iq’. Wind, Air, Breathing, Inspiration, Moon, The human, Spirit, Energy, 

Today, we focus on learning about Guatemala, providing context for the coming experiences, and discovering some of the questions that will guide us through our time in Guatemala. And getting to know each other, of course! 

We will meet at the lobby at 7:00 AM with our daypack ready, comfortable walking shoes, and active clothing. We will take a 5-minute walk to breakfast in Cafe Condesa on the Main Square.  After breakfast, if the weather allows it, we can do a short hike up to Cerro de La Cruz for a beautiful view of Antigua. We’ll have our morning check-in and continue our Orientation activities.  

At 11 AM a minibus will pick us up and take us to De La Gente Coffee Coop.  We will enjoy a Guatemalan lunch at the Cooperative and will have time to talk with members of De La Gente, visit the coffee plantations and learning about their mission as a community. 

At 4 PM we return to the hotel for a short break, we will meet again at 5:30 PM in the hotel’s courtyard for some focused time together as a group.  We will walk to dinner at a local restaurant followed by a stroll through the main square and arrive back at the hotel for an evening activity to close the day.

October 29th

Nahual: Aq’ab’al. Moon, Clarity, Aurora, hand, Bat, Energy.

This day we will focus on roots, spirituality, connections, openness. 

Meet at the hotel lobby at 7 AM all packed up and ready to go. Morning meeting on the hotel terrace, after which we will bring our packed breakfasts and drive to the ruins of Iximché. Here, our group will be introduced to Maya culture and history, as well as Maya Cosmovision/Syncretism.  We will eat lunch at a restaurant in Tecpán, then get back on the road and continue our drive to San Antonio Palopó on the Lago de Atitlán.

Our local friend, Rosario, and our homestay families will be waiting for us where we’ll share hot chocolate and introductions.   After this time together everybody will walk with their families to their homestay for the next 3 nights.  

Liz and Juancho will come around to visit that afternoon when everybody has had some time to get comfortable. During this visit, we can take care of personal needs, talk about the next day, and make sure that everybody has what they need and is able to communicate with each other. 

Dinner this day will be in the homestays.

October 30th

Nahual: Kat.  The Net, Iguana, the keeper, storage, gathering. 

We will focus on local art, food sovereignty, tourism and demand, and cultural sustainability. 

We will gather together at Rosario’s house at 9 AM for group activities.  We will meet a group of artisans who will share a glimpse of what life is like in San Antonio.   

We will talk about job opportunities for locals, and family and traditions.  What is art for someone who has to adapt to the demand while trying to keep their culture alive? 

Everybody will return home at 12 PM for lunch prep with the family and post-lunch family time

Today is a good day for everyone to spend quality time at home, learning how to cook a traditional dish, make tortillas, or learning about textiles, ceramics, lake life, etc. There are many options, but most important is experiencing life with your own senses from a new perspective.  

In the late afternoon we will re-group at Rosario’s house to close the day and brief tomorrow.

October 31st

Nahual: Kan. Feathered serpent, creation, material things, Loyalty.

We will focus on our connections with the world, from a small community to our own communities back at home, including our values and our own traditions. How can we be more aware and proactive about these connections?

Meet at Rosario’s after breakfast at 9 AM for our morning meeting. Today we will experience a guided solo activity (details to be given that day). 

We will meet at 4 PM to go on a short hike through onion fields up the side of the mountain to find a beautiful view of the lake. 

At 5:30 PM we will go to Rosario’s house and prepare dinner with all of our homestay families, enjoying a big group meal and celebrating our time in San Antonio. 

November 1st (All Saints Day, Día de todos Los Santos)

Nahual: Keme. Death, Darkness, Night, Closure, the end of a cycle, New beginning, Reset, Recharge..

Today will dive a little deeper into spirituality and celebration, it is a very special day in Maya culture. It is also our last day together as a group and we will give that a special part of the day.  

Meet at 8 AM packed up and ready to go. Shuttle back to Antigua. We will pack lunch this day.

We will stop on the way and visit the Kite festival in Sumpango, which celebrates all the ancestors and life.  Bring cameras!!! This is a very busy day with lots of people and commotion. We will spend a few hours enjoying this one-of-a-kind celebration.

We’ll continue our bus ride to Earth Lodge, just outside of Antigua, and our last stop to reflect on and celebrate our days together. 

November 2nd

Nahual Keej.  Deer, community, the directions, spiritual guides, leader.

Breakfast together and a big group hug. After this everybody heads off in different directions.