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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Reflection in the Andes

After chowing down, throwing out rotten fruit, drying out tents, I present to you, from seemingly the only internet cafe in Cusco, a new Yak!!!

After our 5 day 4 night trek through the diverse landscapes of the Andes my head continues to spin with various thoughts. This morning during our trek debrief I wrote this;

Usually for me nature hasnt really given me any sort of “transcedental” or specifically profound experience that is usually connoted in both eastern and western contexts… but starting each trek by touching the earth, thanking mama tierra/la paccha mama and holding our hands to our hearts made me consider how nature could heal me. Meditating while looking out at the enormous glaciers this week made me realize how huge and powerful the forces of nature are… and how out of my control they are… If snow avalanched the mountain doesnt crumble; mother nature doesnt crumble. Nature doesn’t cease to exist. My mindset throughout life had often been an all or nothing state… If I fail at this, I am a failure. This week I´ve thought about how that mentality  is flawed. Just becuase it hails doesnt mean “padre sol” wont return… Just because one alpaca strays from the pack does not mean it is not part of the herd. Nature is never all or nothing.

Id like to adopt this idea of balance. Ive learned that you can appreciate warmth more after walking through a cold storm. Nature doesn´t have to be “perfect” to be beautiful, powerful, and enjoyable. Everyone had different experiences and highlights during the trek; it was entirely subjective. Not everyone loves rain, or heat, or hail and that´s okay; it´s okay to not be universally loved or appreciated because that is entirely subjective.

Thanks for tuning into this yak! Still working on figuring out how to share our bomb photos with all of you 😉