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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.


This is our fifth full day at the retreat in Kopan monastery. The monastery has deep roots in Tibetan Buddhism. It is perched on top of a beautiful hill in the Kathmandu valley. In between our classes we have been able to view the sprawling city from the east, south and west sides. As we step inside the monastery gates it’s like a whole different world opens up. Here we have had time to slow down and change our pace. We have been meditating, listening to teachings, practising compassion and being more aware of what’s happening inside and  around us. The students are all doing great and have been reflective and fully immersed in the retreat. Starting from today, we are practising silence for the next 48 hours. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet the Rinpoche and hear his teaching. Towards the end of the class he laughingly asked us if we would like to take a group picture to which many of us replied in unison “Yessss”. Sharing with you the precious photograph.

Love Team