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Scavenger hunt in Bhaktapur!

Our experience of jumping into Bhaktapur represents how we felt about jumping into this trip. Realizing we are all in the same boat, most of the fear lies in the anticipation. In reality, you only need to focus on the task at hand. If you think about the various new experiences that way you are able to handle everything much easier.

In Bhaktapur, the  team handed us a packet that included a scavenger hunt, a map and some rupees. Before we even realise what was in our hands, we were in our own. Some of the tasks included finding a photo studio and getting passport photos and tracing the hands of three Nepali children. At first we were overwhelmed,but we quickly realised we could complete the tasks as long as we put ourselves out there. It doesn’t matter how ugly or uncomfortable to process could be, but would have mattered more was achieving the task and learning through doing that. Before we knew it we were having so much fun exploring Bhaktapur that we completely forgot about the scavenger hunt. Instead we treated ourselves to a lunch of momos and noodles and bought traditional Nepali clothing. Overall this trip so far has surprised us all, in that what on paper can seem daunting, all you really need is a positive attitude and some homies.