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Short But Necessary

This afternoon, a Tuesday – a day we usually do group activities in the afternoon, as we have ISPs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – we were trying to watch a movie about the student uprisings in Hong Kong in 2014, but the VPN is a bit spazzy on our end, so we ended up going to the cinema and watched a film that the Chinese government produced in honor of China turning 70 on October 1st. To say it frankly, it was two and a half hours of straight propoganda – a set of eight short films all about Chinese citizens, from the year 1940 until now, who have prioritized China as a nation over their own personal lives, and contributing to the Chinese culture etc. One of our instructors, left the film half way through because she has grown up with all of this propaganda her whole life, having been born and lived in China for much of her life, and is extremely frustrated when thinking about the the Chinese government’s ability to manipulate a crowd especially with no context in any of these stories, just victorious individuals in China’s society who have sacrificed for example having their own family for dedicating themselves to the Peoples Republic Of China.