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Sketches from weeks 1 & 2

By: Michelle

Unable to find the charger for my camera the night before departure for Morocco, it was decided that I should just leave the trusty device at home. I owe many thanks to this mishap because I’ve since found a better lens in my pen. As someone who rarely practices any artistic talent back home, I’ve surprised myself with how happy sketching has made me feel. These are some impressions of Morocco that I have accumulated thus far. The series includes sceneries of Moulay Idriss, a random sketch of my much loved Casio digital watch (with alarm), my Azrou host mother’s delicious couscous dish, and a study of my Azrou host family’s ornate Moroccan salon (or living room). I hope these sketches offer you a glimpse into our daily lives here and brighten your day as they do for me. Stay tuned!