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Sketching Morocco

Salam Yak. This Badr, the third instructor for the 2019 Morocco fall semester. I may not have been posting on yak under my name, but that’s because I am someone who likes to express himself and his feeling in a non-writing way. This fall, my fingers found their way back to drawing and sketching. Drawing has been a big part of my life for almost 23 years. There were days when I stopped drawing because adult life happened, and sometimes I lacked the inspiration to visit my sketchbook and express my feelings about the world.

Traveling in Morocco has opened my eyes to a lot of beautiful landscapes that a photograph just won’t do justice. For the first time, I have understood what a poet or artist during the romance era may have felt when they described a field of flowers, the bright moon in the darkest night, or even an empty glass on the table. There is a rush of emotions that goes through your body, and you don’t know how to explain it to anyone. Your common language is not equipped to describe those feelings. How you feel about the greatness of atlas mountains, or the big Mosque of Akshmir penetrating the sky of Azrou, or even a donkey minding its own business in the big square of Moulay Idriss Zarhoun?

I am so happy this trip got me in touch with my artistic side, I almost forgot how good it feels to express yourself in any way, either journaling, photographing or in my case, drawing.