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Team on the move & Communication expectations

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that our Indonesia Fall crew are now on the move. The group had their homestay party at the program house in Jogya last night and are currently (Fri 18 Oct) on route now to Flores.

I’d like to let you know that from now on the group will have fairly limited service/access to the internet. This is because our next two homestay communities are in remote locations and while there is signal, it can be a bit patchy and we find that it’s just better for students to wait until they are in cities to get online, rather than trying (usually with a lot of frustration), to log on in the villages.

The students will have opportunities to post Yaks of course (which we all love!), but you can expect weekly or every other week check ins rather than daily (which is what is available in Jogya).

In saying this though, please know that anyone can reach out to me if they would like to get in touch with their child. My email address is [email protected] – I will act as your messenger and can aid the need/timing of calls home.

Thank you all and I hope you’re all well wherever you are. Our teams are almost half way through their courses and in my experience the second half always seems to go faster than the first.