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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

The Value of Silence

What is the reason some people choose to be silent for a time in Buddhism?

What value do people see in it?

Most of our group, in some way, shape, or form, have decided to investigate through our own  experience.


Some are being silent while the sun is up, others constantly. Some for one day, others for many, only speaking to ask questions of the well-trained Buddhist monk who teaches us and guides us in meditation, and the Buddhist scholar and Tibetan translator who helps us learn.

We have considered the way being silent teaches us about why we are motivated to speak most of the time.  Why do we feel it is important to say what we are about to say? What need do we feel? Do we really need to speak at this moment?


We have considered whether silence can purify our minds from harmful or pointless speech, make us more aware of our thoughts and feelings, or allow us to think with less distraction from ourselves.


And we have thought about the so-called middle way, not being too strict with ourselves or trying to prove something, having moments of fun and laughter as well as exploring new ideas, cultures, and philosophy, and respecting the way monks live here in the hills of Namo Buddha.

We look forward to the insights to come as we enjoy the beauty and share life with the inhabitants of the monastery.