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A Celebration and an Arrival

We wanna share another quick update while the group has WiFi and electricity here in Wangi Wangi, the northernmost island in the Wakatobi chain. We arrived this evening after a smooth flights from Makassar to Kendari, and then Kendari to Wangi Wangi. Tomorrow we will be catching a ferry to Kaledupa, the second island in the chain, and our hosts from Sampela will pull aside the ferry so we can hop in their boats and head to the village.

We have some images of our first sunset in Wakatobi, and from our early celebration of Savanna’s birthday while we had access to bakeries in Makassar.

As we prepare to be out of touch for the next homestay, we want to send thanks to all the folks who have helped us get to this beautiful, fascinating place!

With Gratitude,

Team Indonesia