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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

A fish and a bird

Reflecting on this journey so far, flipping through my notebook, last night I came across some old notes that I had jotted down during our stay at Namo Buddha. As we near the end of this course, I am yet again reminded of the million questions each of us have encountered throughout this journey- some answered, some still a question, some which may never be answered. And yet our individual journeys still continue, not despite of these unanswered questions but because of it. The thoughts that follow is one example of those questions which remain unanswered.

A fish and a bird

Last week at Namo Buddha, one of the fun ‘’x factor’ questions that the group usually answers after our daily group check ins was ” a fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they live? ”

Answers ranged from a simple  ”they will live somewhere just in between, in the mists’’ to ” it depends on the type of fish and the bird’’, and ” if they love each other enough, they will let each other go because their relationship is just not possible’’.

After some short discussions, comments and questions, we came up with no solid conclusion or any perfect answer. Perhaps there is no answer. Maybe there is no need for an answer. The more important point here is that it got our creative juices flowing, our analytical minds calculating and our imaginations running. Isn’t that the point of questions sometimes anyway?

‘’A wise person doesn’t give the right answer, he/she poses the right question’’  – Anonymous