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Adventures in Alagon (Did I Spell That Right?)

Today I went on a hike with a few other students in my group to an area we call the mango trees. Actually, I wouldn’t say hike. It was a 15 minute walk on a slightly-inclined road, then 10 minutes up a mountain. These pictures are of the view up there. I ended up stopping at the trees while the others continued up the mountain. The view was amazing. It filled me with so much peace. After a long two weeks of hiking in the mountains, I found it calming to look at a view mostly made up of civilization. In the village home stays, we’ve been learning how to farm rice, millet, and many other things. I, personally, have been helping my sister take care of her baby, and helping take care of the village puppies, Tommy and Suntali(which means orange. I find that quite ironic, given that the dog is black). The photo of the black pup is of Suntali. She’s so small!

Also, for my parents who haven’t received an email from me in over a month, my email isn’t letting me sign in for whatever reason. Sorry!