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A young arriero leads a mule across fresh snow in the Peruvian Andes. Photo by Benjamin Swift (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest Finalist), South America Semester.


As I am sitting on my bed in the last night of our El Alto homestay, I decided to take a look back on our amazing times that this country, Bolivia, has given us.
Thank you for our first home, Casa Ivy and its endless platters of unique dishes.
Thank you to Hernan, who guided us through Amboro and helped us steer clear of the bunas.
Thanks you for night buses, which incapsulated some of our most tranquill and horrific moments (just ask Molly).
Thank you For Tiquipaya
-Thank you for my amazing host family and the long walks down Calle Culpa with Hannah and Emmy.
-Thank for the trufi trips to Cochabamba for the awesome guitar lessons with Colleen and Mau.
Thanks for salmonella and much more.
Thanks for the view at the top of Tunari, with Cochabamba on one side and the Earth on the other.
Thanks for the the rainy cafe filled day in Sucre.
Thank you for the mining experience in Potosí and the opportunity to meet Basilio.
Thank you to Green House and for my first Telleferrico ride. (feat. Mahesh and Sean)
Thank you for the entire Illampu trek, including the cloud forests and of course, Pepe the mule.
Thank you for the restful days and trucha we needed on Isla del Sol.
Thanks for the Mangos in Guanay.
Thank you for the Amazon and the brilliantly colored papagauyos and to Asunción for the late night lagarto search as well as the fogata.
Thanks to La Paz for always having salteñas and salchipapas hot and at the ready.
Thank you for building everything at a size which causes me to hit my head on shit everyday.
And lastly, thanks for El alto and yet another great homestay experience.

And thanks to Peru for whatever comes next.