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Bye Bye Alegaun

Our last 10 days at this beautiful village Alegaun have been filled with incredible generosity from the families that opened their homes to us. From fresh air, water and refreshingly delicious food our students were also able to enjoy their time by joining with the daily chores of the families in their house and the farms. It is the harvest season in Nepal and our students were able to be a part of that. Many students were also able to witness and learn whatever they can of basic skills like milking cows, taking care of animals, cutting grass, harvesting millet, threshing rice, cooking meals and etc.

During the afternoon we met as a group to have discussions on different topics and hear the life maps of different individuals of our group. Mornings and evenings were spent with the families.

All the students are in good health and spirits. We are now heading to Chitwan for student-led X phase. Although we are sad to leave Alegaun, we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to live and learn from this place and its people.