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Hello friends, families, and followers!

For my profile this week, I’m sharing an unplanned wonderful moment from each week of our course so far.

Week 1: Orientation at Moulay Idriss

That time we eat perfect peaches from the fruit market. So juicy, so good. Wow.

Week 2: Fez

That time Lauren, Bau, Pablo, Gabe, and I got lost in the medina for a bit during a small group dinner in Fez. We ate at the first place we could find, a fried food place. We left Gabe to order and we ended up with 3 times as much as food as we needed. We laughed and cried our way through so much food before leaving with clothes that couldn’t be worn because they smelled so aggressively of oil.

Week 3: Azrou Homestay Week 1

That time Ahmed and Aya and I sang Bruno Mars and Queen songs even during our day hike with all of the homestay families.

Week 4: Azrou Homestay Week 2

That time we performed Marhaba Ya Lala, a popular Moroccan song, for our homestay families during our homestay celebration, and our families all sang it back to us.

Week 5: Trek

That time everyone was hanging out in our group tent one afternoon, and I was reading my book and listening to music.

Week 6: Klaat Mgouna/Midcourse

That time Kristen got Omar, a snake charmer that was performing in the town square, to come to our hotel as a guest speaker and he came and performed on the roof of our hotel with all of his snakes.

Week 7: Bougamez Homestay Week 1

That time I made bread with my homestay sister, Aziza, and we talked about school and life in a crazy combination of Arabic, Darija, French, and English at once.

Week 8: Bougamez Homestay Week 2

That time we went apple picking and we ended up having a photoshoot with apples, cartwheels and yoga poses.

Week 9: Marrakesh and X-phase

That time we all sang 2000s songs in the hostel and everyone was probably super mad at us because it was 10 pm, but it was worth it.

Much love,