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I am Guatemala

I am jade-azure mountain sky,
magenta-accented verdure earth.

I am crinkle-eyed mamá-papá laughing at my language jokes over watery-warm coffee gruel.

I am the mountain-top Time-Keeper counting the steps of the sun rising in the hearts and eyes seated rapturously in front of me.

I am the Lord of Maize, giving and receiving in turn, birthing and dying, devouring and renewing, following the Feathered Serpent’s gyrations through living Time, never restless but always moving.

I am coffee-lime-avocado trees gathered like bunches of flowers on a freshly dug grave.

I am the dawning gentle gauze sunrise stirring the flying dogs’ twittering songs.

I am the muddy-gray rain-wash effluvia threatening footpaths rushing recklessly down to the lake.

I am the pan-roasted hand-ground coffee bean dust in my fingernails, steaming in the chipped cup hovering beneath my lips.

I am the smoky blue volcanos of Atitlán whispering to one another at dusk above the clouds amid the silence of the stars.

I am humans stubbornly, delightfully, perseveringly being.

I am heart-rent by half-hidden half-hinted longing, Life radiant in the flow and flux of the eternal sunshine dusk and purple-starry dawn of days and nights without end.

I am Guatemala.