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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Lice of the Party

As Dragons students we often do things a little differently than most, whether that means taking a two-hour tuk tuk instead of an air-conditioned van or simply bringing home a souvenir with a little more life to it than a snow globe or a t-shirt. Laos left us with a lot of memories of beauty, good food, and most surprisingly: itchy heads. Why would Lao leave our heads itchy? We wondered the same thing.

Once in Thailand we received the diagnosis… we have lice. Fortunately, the women in Baan Tamui knew exactly what to do. They combed through our hair and applied green herbal goo to kill the lice. The green goo made us smell of a freshly cut lawn and look like swamp monsters. We have chemicals on the way and we will soon be lice free.

Until then wish us luck.

With itches,
Lae, Olivia, and Nellie