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Living out of my pack for 17 days

After living out of my back pack for 17 days, it’s safe to say that everyone in our group realized that we don’t need as much as we think we do. Although, I didn’t expect to actually feel happier and calmer using less stuff on a daily basis. Everything we had in our pack on trek is essential from the extra pair of “sacred socks” (socks we only use when we sleep) to the lifestraw water filter.

At the permaculture farm we stayed at before the trek, we watched a movie called “Minimalism”. While I think the movie was a little extreme, it made me think about how much stress and chaos is in our lives if we keep things we don’t need or like. How much easier would it be to get dressed in the morning if you love every article of clothing in your closet? Or, how much easier would it be to get a snack from the fridge if you love every option?

I’m not going to lie, wearing the same sweaty clothes while hiking for 17 days was hard for a lot of us, but I was surprised at how easy it is to live out of your pack back and how much simpler life becomes.

We also carried around our waste on trek. Personally, that was a challenge for me, but I realized that if you think through any waste you create, it’s probably avoidable.