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During the group’s mini x-phase, a visit to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum was planned. Michelle was given the task of creating an assignment for the group related to our visit there. Here it is:

The exhibit at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum represents Saint Laurent’s personal imagination of Morocco; What is your Morocco? Based on your time in the past two months traveling in this country, create your own exhibit that you think represents the complexities of your experience in Morocco. Draw a map of your exhibit. Get creative!

While sitting on a bench in the beautiful Jardin Majorelle, I reflected on the assignment Michelle had created for us. How could I possibly depict my time in Morocco? Every experience, everything I’ve learned, every piece of bread eaten, every inside joke, every memory.

I decided that instead of creating a physical museum, that I would try to chronicle these different memories. I did this by first isolating eight words that I thought best encapsulated my experience (for the eight weeks we’ve been in Morocco): amazement, curiosity, connection, learning, pain, joy, acceptance, and growth.

Next, I chose to arrange the rooms loosely by time, with “amazement” and “curiosity” towards the beginning and growth by the door leading to the next part of the museum (still yet to be built for another month). Although all these words are apart of every day in Morocco for me, it still shows some of the progression over time.

Within each room, I listed different specific memories, moments, or objects that corresponded to the theme of the room. In amazement you could find sunsets in Moulay Idriss, in connection you could find all the people who were shocked and thrilled when we talk to them in darija, in joy you could find the triumphant “this is the goal!” we would yell in moments of fulfilment on trek, in acceptance you could find bucket showers and squat toilets, and so on.

Although my museum could never be built or visited, I believe it illustrates clearly much of my time in Morocco. I can’t wait to continue to add more displays, exhibits, and rooms with the rest of my time, and am so grateful for all the people and places who have made my museum possible.

Thank you for reading!