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It’s hard to believe that today is our last full day in Patan, I didn’t know it was possible to become so attached to a place this fast. There is a countless list of things I am going to miss from this great city, starting with the chaos. I will miss the streets of Patan, the honking motorcycles, the rumbling cars, and the sea of people that fill all the spaces in between. I will miss the nonstop adventure Patan presents with its labyrinth of alleys and courtyards, always bringing me to a new place. What I will miss the most though is my family and the love they have shown me starting from day 1. My family has made my patan experience truly unforgettable, the care and compassion they have given me has made Patan feel like a home to me. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Patan, but for me it’s more of a cya later!