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Reflections from our Indonesia coordinator

Hi everyone,

During the group’s time in Sampela the team had an additional Dragons staffer with them, Lutfi, who is our beloved Indonesia Program Coordinator and ex-Dragons homestay sister. Lutfi grew up in Jogya and has been helping us out for many many years now. And after years of hearing about Sampela from past students and instructors she asked to join the team this Fall to finally see what our students get up to in their third and final homestay.

When I asked Lutfi today how her experience was, she wrote:

“Sampela was grreeaaattt!!!! I met so many different people with different stories. I visited some homestays and public places in Sampela and also talked to a lot of people (including having lunch in a random house 🙈). I joined some activities with the families and students (I even got souvenir from Savanna’s dad) and I also talked with many Dragons connection there (the midwife, school teachers, shaman etc.). The people are very friendly there so I can easily connected to them… I can see that Andar (our homestay coordinator in Sampela) did great job supporting the community, not only for the host families but for the entire community there. It’s awesome to see that people and families are very excited to host Dragons (instructors and students). They still have same feelings like the first time Dragons come in the community.”

As the Southeast Asia Program Director I can’t express enough just how lucky we are to work with our local contacts and I am stoked every time our staff are able to get into the field with our student groups to experience what they do. We are eternally indebted to people like Lutfi, Andar and Siapa, as well as the countless others who support our courses. Without them, our programs would not be the same.


Photo blurbs (from Lutfi):

  1. First graders. Only 4 students came. I talked to the teacher that the first grader is actually 14 students. But only 4 students came that day. He explain that other families went to ocean so the couldn’t prepare the kids for school.
  2. Fancy lunch in random house. I was just walking around then stopped by and talked to people but they asked me to stay and had lunch with them.
  3. With high school students who study in the land. They had to go to school every morning with type of boat.
  4. Elementary school students in Sampela. It’s pity for them that the teachers don’t come everyday. They go to school but sometimes teachers don’t come…