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Return International Group Travel Information!

Dear Indonesia Students & Families,

Indonesia fall program students will soon be boarding their planes to return home and share their tales of adventure with each of you. We are sure you are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Below is a reminder of the return group flight information for your reference:

December 6th, 2019

CX #770

Depart: Jakarta (CGK) 8:25 AM

Arrive: Hong Kong (HKG) 2:30 PM


CX #882

Depart: Hong Kong (HKG) 4:35 PM

Arrive: Los Angeles (LAX) 1:25 PM

Should you need any assistance during student travel days, please call our our main number at 303-413-0822 and follow the prompts to reach our On-Call Team, or email: [email protected]

We wish all students a great trip home!


Dragons Administration