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Team on the move

As the first rains of the wet season fell this morning on Sampela, breaking a drought that has caused a lot of stress and hardship, our team bid heartfelt farewells to their homestay families and expressed gratitude to the community for hosting them. I am happy to report that the group are now on route to Wanci by boat. Spirits are high, although there’s a slight cold going around the group that the instructors are managing.

After quite a rugged homestay experience in Sampela, the students will spend tonight in a bed and will have their first hot shower in weeks. Tomorrow they will travel back to Makassar and then on to Bira where they will complete a rather long and indulgent (by Dragons standards) Transference by the sea.

The program is almost over and our students will be returning home very soon. For those at home, get ready for the many hugs and stories to come 🙂 We are on our home stretch!