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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker


Near my house, there’s a lonely railroad.

Word on the street is, a train passed through it a couple of years ago. No one saw it coming, but those who did moved out of its way.

Legend has it ran for a couple of months. It chooed its choos and made sure its presence was known. The people stood in awe.

The train stopped one day, as abruptly as it had returned. Life went back to normal. The people walked its tracks like a sidewalk.

Some say it will return and wait patiently, while others say that it is done for. For good this time. The tracks are still there.


I should have learned to train my thoughts,

because now I lose my train of thought,

and have trains invade my thoughts.


So I write and think about them, but of course, you’re there too.

Me and you, chasing after because walking was for chumps back then and being on time was overrated.

Because sitting was better than thinking and thinking was not better than the shade.

Because we were two kids back then.

I swear time would wait or maybe it was just the conductor who knew we were coming all along.