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Yak Post!

While preparing for this trek, we were asked to reduce our packs to only include the bare necessities: a couple changes of clothes, a sleeping bag, two water bottles, and some toiletries. Before coming to Nepal, I never would have imagined that I could be capable of carrying my life in a backpack and actually enjoy the process. After all, I thought that I needed clean clothes and a fully-charged phone in order to achieve happiness. But, in reality, as I sit in a quaint monastery surrounded by prayer flags, I couldn’t be more at peace, despite the fact that I have been wearing the same shirt for the past five days. While fresh clothes are comforts of mine, my happiest moments have derived from the little things. Some of these occurrences include listening to Sweet Child O’ Mine while the group huddled together for warmth and sunbathing on a bridge during lunch break. And while I would love to be able to see my family’s beautiful faces, I do not need to rely on that opportunity to dictate my happiness because those little moments allow me to generate bliss from within. I think finding those bursts of joy create a ripple effect into a more meaningful and productive life.