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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

A warm welcome from your program director, Part II

Hello Dragons!

I am thrilled to welcome you to Dragons, the Yak Board and to Bhutan! This journey that you are about to embark on is a special one – one that not many other people have been on before! You might see breathtaking views from and of the Himalayas, have your preconceptions of Bhutan challenged and make life changing connections with your peers and instructors. These are just four small things that might happen – this land is small but vast and probably (definitely) nothing like you have ever experienced before!

Although at the moment Bhutan might feel very far away, your semester begins in just over a month and so I wanted to introduce myself so that you all can get to the more important task of introducing yourselves!

A little about me – I started instructing for Dragons in the Fall of 2017. My path to Dragons was full of twists and turns. After finishing up my undergraduate studies at Sarah Lawrence, I returned to India, where I am from. I dabbled in writing, advertising, baking, teaching. I was trying to find that thing all humans are trying to find – their “passion”. I went back to the US, this time for a Masters in International Education Policy. As graduation approached, I had the good sense to ring up a friend and ask her advice on next steps. She had mentioned Dragons before and this time it felt right. And well, here we are. I have found my passion, but I have also found an environment in which I am constantly learning and exploring, colleagues who continually challenge and teach me, students who do the same and an irreplaceable community. All things I am sure you will find on this adventure too!

As one of the program directors on your course, I will follow your journey from behind the scenes, supporting your instructor team as they create a safe, exciting and fulfilling semester. Your instructors are three of the most amazing and talented humans I know and I feel lucky to work with them and am so excited for you to meet them.

In the next few weeks please use the Yak Board as a resource for information about your course and to ask questions you might have as your date of departure draws closer. Your instructors will also introduce themselves here, after which it will be your turn! It is admirable that you are taking this leap and flying off to Bhutan soon and I am sure that your friends and family will be keen to hear all about it. The Yak Board is also a space that we hope you will use to share this special experience with those who can’t be there to share it with you! I know I’ll be eagerly reading your yaks and oohing and aahing at your photos. 🙂

Again, welcome to Dragons! This is only the beginning!



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