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Photo by Tessa Denison

belated reflection

…for day 6 we did something I had never thought I would see. We all visited an animal hospital. not just any animal hospital but one for the elephants. When we arrived we were greeted by a staff member who took us into a room. We watched an informational video about the lady who had started the hospital. She shared the reason on why she started the hospital. It was quite sad but motivational. We proceeded to go around the hospital to see the elephants. Most of the elephants we saw had been effected by land mines in Burma.  The members will bring elephants in truck sand the hospital will help. Several of the elephants require the amputation of parts of the leg. The hospital creates prosthetic legs for the elephants in need. The organizations had showed us the sad reality of the landmines. Other than that, had shown us their is hope in all problems, even the ones that seem really big. We also learned the hospital only makes money off of donations and items purchased at the souvenir shop. This amazing organizations has helped hundreds of elephants through injuries that would not be survivable in the wild for the income of donations and money from their store. Overall, this experience was incredible.