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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker

BY China’s Next Excursion to Jianshui, 12/28-1/1

For our second excursion, we are going to Jianshui 建水—a city south of Kunming 昆明 in the Honghe Prefecture 红河州. We are looking forward to exploring Jianshui’s many hutongs胡同—cobble stoned streets— and will be on the lookout for its famous doufu 豆腐. We also plan on visiting the largest Confucian temple in southern China as well as a restored Qing dynasty mansion and garden. While in Jianshui, we will continue our discussions on human rights, celebrate two birthdays, participate in partial digital detox, and fully immerse ourselves in Chinese 普通话. We will stay in Jianshui for three nights before heading to Shiping 石屏县, where the local government is hosting us for New Year’s. New Year’s Day, we are running in various races (some of us are walking a 5k, others are choosing the more arduous half marathon), before heading back to Kunming.