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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Chao chao! – Students through Security in Cusco

NOTE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILIES: All students are now through security at the Cusco airport.

As we leave the Sacred Valley, we notice the valley floor is greener, the rainy season is here. On September 1st when we met Claire, Isabelle, Yong Quan, Jason, Abi, AY, Waideen, Victoria, Chia, Grace, Olympia, and Austen the valley was parched and our trip to Huarán was a dry, arid one. We got used to each other bit-by-bit and the group got more comfortable with each other as well as with the culture and language in general.

As field staff we’ve seen you, our students, thrive and grow and we are excited to see where your roots spread as your tree limbs and trunks get stronger each day. This strength, confidence, and understanding can only happen via openness and reaching outside your comfort zone to achieve different perspectives. Keep up the watering and you will see, and more importantly, others will see and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Thank you for all you have done and all that you are!

Thank you to friends and family and the university for making this type of experience happen!

May the journey continue and may you always find yourself in the “family of things.”

Con mucho cariño,

tus instructores
Teto, Mónica y Raquel