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Cheers to this normal

As we enter into a countdown of numbers that seem unfathomably small–6 days left, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1–the closeness of life after the course feels both so close I can feel it and at the same time, more unimaginable than when the countdown was at 60.

Without realizing it, life traveling with the group in Morocco has become a new normal. A new place every week became a given. My limited possessions became enough. I came to expect the way of life we have learned to life.

While it is nice to feel comfortable with what you have and your reality, at the same time, it can make things harder to appreciate. An amazing apple eaten once, is just an apple when eaten every morning.

In Morocco, this is even more true because I didn’t come to love the people, places, and things until many days had passed and they were just normal.

But now that we are in the single digits, each time I tick off a day, I am reminded that this normal is wonderful and that I love it so much.

So cheers to this normal. I am so glad to have gotten it for a while, and I hope that as I got forward after 0 to remember to appreciate my other normals without countdowns to remind me of how soon they could end.

It’s an incredibly hard thing to do–to appreciate something before it is gone or almost gone, but maybe that is why we are made to miss things–so that we get the chance to love them even when we don’t have them anymore.

Goodbye, Morocco. I will miss you so much.