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Photo by Ching Hsieh

Day 2

We started the day in the hotel with a buffet breakfast and then walked to the MRT for the first time. Then we walked to the scavenger hunt on Di Hua Street and visited the temple of a love god. We split into smaller groups and set out to take pictures for the scavenger hunt. Seafood, fruits, street art, and traditional teas. Some of engaged in Christmas Eve shopping.

From here, we went to get an adventurous lunch—we ate fried rice topped with baby fish, squid, and pig feet. We returned to the MRT and went to a traditional Japanese building. There, we were taught how to have a formal tea ceremony. We drank high mountain Oolong and Eastern-Beauty—which was one of the Queen of England’s favorite teas.  It was also here that we met Sylvia, a music producer who plays and writes her own music for the guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument. We learned a little about history of the music and some of the more traditional songs she played. The guzheng was amazing—both to listen to and to watch be performed! Sylvia is an amazing artist and she played very old songs as well as her own compositions.

After the music performance, we got back on the MRT and went to the Beitou hot springs, where we relaxed in the hot and cold pools with locals. We went to explore the night market afterwards for dinner before a late night to sleep.