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After bittersweet farewells, everyone has gone their separate ways. Cathy, Emma, Lauren, Sally, Bau, and Michelle are on their way to Paris before transferring home. Gabe is off to adventure in Spain. Pablo has one more night in Casablanca before his own travels in Spain with his brother. As for the instructor team, we’ll be in Morocco for a few more days tying up the loose ends. Kevin will have a short trip to Italy before finding his way back to the U.S. in a couple of weeks where he will visit friends and family and do some camping. Badr will be headed back to his family in Rabat and then to Tangier to visit friends. Kristen will be spending some time visiting friends in Dubai and Cairo before going to China to lead another course in January.

We are grateful for the time we have all spent together in Morocco. This has truly been a special group and a memorable journey. Thank you to our students for all of the laughter and fun. Thank you to all of the friends we made throughout Morocco for their incredible generosity. Thank you to everyone’s friends and families for your support and making this trip possible. Thank you to everyone who has followed along with our adventures, the lessons we’ve learned, and the stories we’ve told.

Wishing you all many more adventures ahead.

Where There Be Dragons, Morocco Fall 2019, that’s a wrap!

With love,

Kristen, Kevin, and Badr.