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Instructor Introduction

Namaste fellow travellers,

My name is Tsheten Sherpa and I am your local instructor for this spring in Nepal. I am excited to see the yak board brought back to life again with introduction and knowing that we will soon all be part of something special. I am typing this under the warmth of my rustic house in the village of Solukhumbu. From the window, I can see Ghyang kharka (high pasture) towering above my village with snow sprinkled all over it’s steep terrain. The sky is the bluest I have seen this year and Mount Ama dablam stands high in its beauty.

Talking about my background, I was born here in Dimbul village in Solukhumbu, which is in the foothills of Everest region. Here, I spent the first three years of my existence with my five elder siblings. I was raised in Kathmandu, the capital city, where i got most of my education. At the age of eleven, I went to a Tibetan Shakya monastery in India. That was when I spent 2 years of my life as a monk with shaved head and maroon robe. I spent most of my adolescence in Kathmandu until graduating from Kathmandu University in Development studies. During those years of college, I spent semester breaks trekking in west Nepal and making friends along the way. I broadened my travel horizon the furthest when I came to the States two years ago and did a road trip from Colorado to California. A month of  bike riding, climbing, hiking and driving through mountains and deserts of Colorado and Utah was the experience that I was fortunate to have.

My journey with Dragons started back in 2014, when I interned for Dragons assisting programs in logistics and communication. Throughout the years, I have had some group experiences that I can no longer remember and many that still makes me smile. It was not until 2017 that I had the opportunity to step into the role of instructor. Since then, I have worked multiple semesters full of wonderful memories. Beside that, previously, I worked with another local company called ‘Himalayan crossroads’ that provided local internships to undergraduate students from the States. During my college years, I was involved in Ethnographic research in rural village in the foothills Annapurnas. One of my past academic projects was (EIA) research on Chinese hydropower in Annapurna conservation Area, where I did a survey of impact on the local community by hydro dam construction. Due to my interest in Food system in Nepal, I was also part of research on Food security in remote village in eastern Nepal.

I am eager to share more about myself and my areas of knowledge and I look forward to meet, share and learn about all of you.

Until we meet, please post a Yak introducing yourself. Also, in coming weeks, we will be posting series of Yaks with information that will help you to prepare well for Nepal. So, please follow the Himalayan Studies program Yak board to be informed and also to know about your group members.

Dhanyabaad hai( Thanks )