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Lessons learned in Morocco

Lessons Learned in Morocco:

1. Talk to strangers. Random conversations about random topics have been some of the most interesting and educational parts of this journey. There are so many people in this world; all of them are interesting if you ask the right questions. Who knows who you may meet and what they may teach you.

2. Laugh at yourself often. Things go wrong all the time. If you can learn to laugh at your mishaps, all will be better.

3. Be patient. What’s the rush? Good things take time (specifically tagine).

4. Appreciate nature. We live in a beautiful world. Slow down and take the time to acknowledge the changing colors of the desert sky, the frosted peaks of the mountains, the gentle breeze on the beach.

5. Enjoy the small moments. These are often the most special and most memorable.

6. Squat toilets are toilets too. I mean this figuratively: there is more than one right way to do something. Keep an open mind towards these alternatives- they could perhaps be better.

7. Dance! It is fun, who cares what you look like? All that you will remember is the smile on your face.

8. Be open: about your thoughts, feelings, opinions. It is through being open that one can make the most meaningful connections. Further, it is okay to be vulnerable; in fact, it is powerful.

9. Yes, you can wear that shirt again. You can wait until tomorrow to take a shower too. You’ll survive, even if you are a little dirty.

10. When in doubt, journal it out. Writing provides a great outlet for sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, and excitement.