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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Many, many thanks

As our course comes to an end, we had a chance to look back and reflect on these past few months. Having seen, experienced, and felt so much, it is hard to put our time following the Mekong into words. No matter how many times we cursed the mosquitos who kept biting at our legs, sweat profusely in the rice fields of Laos, or pushed our bodies to extremes as we climbed up the steep slopes to lower Yubeng, there is one thing that we cannot deny: there is so much to be thankful for. As a group, whilst sitting in hammocks on the sandy shores of Rabbit Island, we compiled a list of thank you’s. Both lighthearted, and meaningful, they allow a glimpse into our lives along the Mekong.

I hope you enjoy,

Olivia & the Mekong group.


Thank You

Thank you for the spiders, and for not hurting them.

Thank you for being unique and beautiful in so many ways.

Thank you for hot sticky rice that burns your fingers.

Thank you for the moment when we stumbled upon figs, plump and fresh in the sidewalk basket, and I ate them on a whim, slightly nervous, mostly excited.

Thank you for the afternoon in the graveyard, washing your husbands resting place, with such
calloused hands and laundry soap

Thank you for buying me ice cream even when I didn’t ask for it.

Thank you for letting me lie on you by the bonfire under the stars.

Thank you for eating spicy papaya salad with me, even though it tastes like torture.

Thank you for cleansing me in your rushing falls.

Thank you for evening cooking parties.

Thank you for teaching me that tourists are the worst, but that we aren’t much better.

Thank you for the special moments where we all felt connected.

Thank you for hair dye that never comes out right.

Thank you for new friends that we hope to keep for the rest of our lives, or at least until we get our phones back, just kidding…for life.

Thank you for the happiness and love that is communicated without words

– Mekong fall 2019