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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Many Thanks

Good evening,

On our last night before the students make their way home, we wanted to share a few thoughts with all of you who helped make this course possible. First, we are grateful for the support you have provided these students in arriving to this moment. As an instructor team, we could not be happier with them. They were engaged, caring, proactive, and talented. We learned from each one of them.

During this transference we have been conducting three-on-ones, meeting as an instructor team with each student individually to help them process their experience and give/receive feedback. Sharing with each student in this way has been a beautiful process, and we are inspired by each one in hearing their reflections of their learning and growth.

We have faced many challenges on this course: medical situations, political unrest, and uncertainty. However, our students have done nothing but make these difficulties manageable. Their patience and willingness to dive into freshly concocted itineraries has allowed the last month of this course to be a wonderful success. We are thankful for each one of them and their trust in us.

From what we can tell, these young adults will be returning home (or continuing their travels) with a new glow. They should. While we are all flooded in these days with a mix of emotions, we are certain that for each one of us, there’s a sense of pride there.

Tomorrow we make our way to the Lima airport, from where you will hear from us again. Until then, thank you. We will be getting your loved ones to you soon 🙂