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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.


My first Yak post seems to have been lost in the ether, so I will try a second time.

This is my fifth consecutive March going to Jordan and my fourth with Elley!  This is also the largest group that I have taken to Jordan.  This year my daughter, Madeline, is also part of the group.  She has never traveled to the Middle East before, but been subjected to a lifetime of stories from her parents about when they were Peace Corps volunteers in Jordan.  So, it will be exciting for me to experience Jordan through Madeline’s eyes as well as through those of 14 Milton high school students.

Why do I go back to Jordan every year?  the short answer is the people.  Unlike Yemen or Egypt, Jordan is not famous for its architecture.  What most people do not know is that Jordan is unique for its natural beauty and its complex make up of people from all across the region.  Jordanians, unlike Bostonians, are very welcoming and excited to invite you into their culture and in the case of Wadi Rum their homes.

In a little over two months we will be on the plane to Amman!  On the 11th we will meet as a group in Wolcott so bring your questions.