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Photo by Ching Hsieh

Polly Sweeney

Hi, my name is Polly Sweeney. I grew up in Chestnut Hill and Wyndmoor and I went to Springfield public schools until 9th grade where I came to SCH. At SCH I have a great group of friends, play a couple sport and try to integrate myself into the community as much as possible. This Taiwan trip is going to be a new, and learning experience for me. I am most excited about the new foods on the trip and the new culture I will get to see. I am most nervous for the plane rides, because I cant sit still for 16 hours, and going to the mountains because I cant sleep when I’m cold. I am nervous to be away from home in a foreign country for two weeks, but I love to travel so I think I will be able to handle it. One of my traveling quirks (idk if thats a thing) is to constantly over pack and after organizing all of my stuff for this trip I realized it wont fit into any of my bags! I hope before tomorrow that I learn to cut down everything I’m bringing, and hopefully this trip will be a wakeup call for this bad habit I have created over the years.  (This picture is of me (right) and my older sister in Nantucket, an island in Massachusetts this past summer)