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The group is en route to their next destinations!

After a reflective and relaxing transference, this semester has come to a close. It feels like just yesterday we were gathering in the Jakarta Airport Terminal 3 for the first of many group circles and emotional/physical needs check-ins.

This morning began early, with students exchanging appreciation notes and saying farewell to Avery, who had a separate flight to Kuala Lumpur for further travel (he has confirmed he made it smoothly through passport control and security). Colin and Hannah accompanied the other 11 students to the airport. After many hugs, they sent the group through security. Here’s the final photo (sans Avery) in front of a traditional Javanese Gamelan.

One final thanks to all the loved ones who’ve followed our adventures this past three months. Without your support, this experience would not have been the same. I’m sure you’re all eager to reconnect with your students and hear about the unique places they’ve traversed and deep bonds they’ve formed with each other and their homestay communities. We were so privileged to be a small part of this journey.

Hannah, Colin & Rita.