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Photo by Ching Hsieh

Trevor Meyer

My name is Trevor Meyer. I’m afraid that I have neither the time nor experience to write a biography rivaling yours, Pei, so I will try to be concise and substantial.

I grew up and am still growing up in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, United States of America: a suburban town whose environment is safe and passive. My true residence is Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, my school and the place where I spend the most time conscious. Certain employees of the school have trained my mind to be curious and critical, both of which being large factors in my decision to apply for this trip. The main reason, I confess, was purely selfish. Upon encountering the happiness and new maturity that my classmates returned with from last year’s Cambodia trip, I was eager to have an experience of similar impact, and I signed up for our Taiwan excursion with little time remaining. Now, my main attraction to the trip is the potential reenforcement of my worldliness and flexibility when encountering obstacles unknown. Even if neither of these wants are fulfilled, I am sure that I will still have a great time learning about another nation’s history–one that resembles America’s own–and the current culture. I’m convinced that ‘culture’ is a word that you will read a severe amount of times in these introductory Yak posts.

I have a hobby of photography, though I am debating whether or not to bring a camera, since the device may sever connections with the actual world during times where we should be enjoying the moment, not capturing it. I also enjoy playing competitive sports, especially frisbee during trips; all of the other boys joining us share this enjoyment. I will proclaim that I am hardly afflicted by nervousness at all, and that I am excited to be with my friends in a foreign world. I predict that the effect of the trip will be greater on them than on me, for I am already quite liberal in my sentiments while some of them are less in-tune with the various conditions of people living on Earth.

And finally, a nervous quirk of mine. My quirk is that I consider myself an artist. Mentioning this may confuse some people, for I have been known to take photographs over the past two school years, but this year I believe that I am considered more of a student of history or politics, seeing as I often read. This brings up another quirk of mine: my interest in reading books (which, by all standards, should not be considered a quirk). Whatever the case, I’m sure that you will get to know us, our interests, and our quirky personalities to a great extent over the course of this trip from a dream. I look forward to getting to know you, too.