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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.

A New Year, A New Journey

It is the first day of the first year in a new decade and I am looking forward to all the amazing things that 2020 has in store for me, but I am looking forward to this Jordan Trip the most! I am an avid world-traveler who loves to build intimate relationships with the culture, people, and environment of the different countries I explore. My love for traveling originates from my year-long residency in Abu Dhabi when I was eight. Perhaps it was the brevity of the stay, the hospitality of everyone I met, or the surreal filter my eight-year-old perspective placed on my time spent there, but my life in Abu Dhabi constantly straddled the line between domestic living and exotic vacationing. It was the experience of exploring a people and culture while living among them that shaped my approach to traveling. When I heard about the Jordan Trip, I was not only enticed by a study abroad subsidized by the school but also the opportunity to travel for the people and not the sites. I am looking forward to this experience and I hope you are looking forward to experiencing Jordan through my eyes by way of convoluted sentences and bad grammar!