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A young arriero leads a mule across fresh snow in the Peruvian Andes. Photo by Benjamin Swift (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest Finalist), South America Semester.

[email protected] Y Una Receta :)

¡Hola a [email protected]!

I send warm greetings from the rainy Sacred Valley where today the sun is actually shining and has painted the valley with about every shade of green. It is beautiful. Both the rain and the sun and how they communicate with Pachamama. The Apus and glaciers that hold this valley have made an appearance today too and I write to you all in gratitude of this place and the excitement to share it with you!

I imagine each of you have landed to this journey for a great love of mountains and the stories they hold. Maybe it’s a growing love. A curious love. A love built on challenge and adventure. But a love nonetheless. Mountains, whether they are snow-capped or rocky ridges, continue to be my main inspiration in life. Through my travels and many places I have lived I have always found home in the mountains. The opportunity to explore the connection, culture and people that are Los Andes with you all is something I am deeply grateful for.

In addition to my love of mountains, life has provided me opportunities to fall in love with learning. It’s a love that has lasted me a lifetime and influenced my current nomadic ways enormously. My University studies in environmental science and experiential education led me to work on permaculture farms in Costa Rica, children homes in India and Nepal and more recently I served as community conservation volunteer with the Peace Corps in Panama. And now I find home and wholeness in the Andes of Bolivia and Peru and the Rockies of Colorado.


However you have landed here I would like to welcome you all in gratitude for seeking an experience full of adventure with deep roots in humility. You might be asking yourself- how do I prepare for this?

Here are some of my thoughts 🙂

Receta To Prepare:

Ingredientes: 2 cups curiosity, a whisk of willingness, kneaded nervousness, notes from loved ones as necesario, extract of enthusiasm, honey drizzled hope, a dash of deep breaths, heaps of heart and a backpack.

Instrucciones: Add all items into the backpack and stir with a splash of overthinking. Do so even if you are missing an ingredient… the journey ahead will taste just as sweet, I promise! This recipe is Andes bound!

JP, Brittany and I (your faithful instructorxs for this upcoming journey) are very excited to meet you soon! As we begin to prepare for our adventure please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] with preguntas. Blessings on your preparations!

Un Abrazo,