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Communication and preparation

Preparation and being proactive is key when you are about to travel. As you are going to be traveling to this part of the world, there are a few steps you can take to be proactive for your communication networks and bank cards. While traveling it is very common for communication networks such as e-mails to flag your account when you try to log in. Generally they will require some form of code or confirmation through a cell-phone (which you will not have) or another e-mail. Each provider has different requirements and procedures for this so we encourage you to look into these things prior to you leaving. If your email has a two-step authentication on it, you may want to remove that since you will not be able to receive a text message in Nepal. This also applies to ATMs and banks. Please notify your bank before leaving that you will be coming to Nepal(and tell them the amount of time). This way, if they see a foreign transaction then they will not put temporary holds on your account .

As always, please reach out with any questions