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Photo by Yi-Ching Hsieh

December 29th

We started the day by eating a scrumptious breakfast with our host families, and then hung out at the activity center with the village kids. It was a rainy day, and they gave us disposable yellow ponchos so that we wouldn’t get soaked. We then split up into three groups, each group led by a couple of kids from the village. They showed us statues and murals and told us about their culture. As they were showing us around, we picked wild flowers for wreaths. We then went back to the center and chilled for a couple hours as a village woman taught us how to craft the wreaths. We ate a late tasty lunch and regrouped after a couple hours. At night, we all sat around a fire at the center and ate wonton soup. The village kids hung out with us from about 5:00 to 10:30, when our dragon guides finally showed up to take us back home to our host families.