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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.

Happy to be here!

Hello Everyone,

My name is  Mohammad Alabbadi and I will be the 2nd instructor this spring in Jordan. I am 30 years of age and I am originally from Jordan, though I currently live and work in Germany.

I have a Masters in International Education Management and I am currently working in as a Coordinator for Integration and Participation with the City of Neumünster. I love Badminton and I really love travelling. I’ve been around quite a lot and i think there still a lot more places are waiting to be discovered.

I’ve collected many experiences throughout my years and I am still learning everyday and I hope you are ready to consume a large portion of emotions, experiences and information wrapped in a Falafel sandwich 🙂 . I have worked last year with the Dragons on a similar program and I enjoyed the company of everyone. We had tons of fun and tons of food, and this year we will do the same I hope. This is as exciting for me as it is for you.

I would ask all of you to come with an open mind, regardless of what you see, always try and understand why is things the way they are. Learn about Jordan, listen to its music and read about its norms. It might be visually different however they are all humans  trying to get good living for themselves and their families just like you and your families. We (Elley and I ) will try our best to answer all your questions but we certainly don’t have the whole truth. I am glad that we have Josh with us who has done the program in Jordan before and will be able to also share his view points with all of us as well as his recommendations on the best restaurant in town (P.S. its Bab Al Yemen btw).


I wish you all a happy weekend and we will meet sooner than you think.